Liver Health

Is a dietary supplement consisting of a range of botanical extracts and key nutrients that support normal liver functions and the liver's detoxification processes.


Artichoke contributes to:

  • Liver detoxification processes
  • Normal function of the liver


Schisandra helps:

  • Normal function of the liver


Curcumin supports and contributes to:

  • Normal liver functions
  • Normal bile functions


Kolin contributes to:

  • Maintaining normal liver function

SHIFT Liver Health is a uniquely formulated dietary supplement containing herbal extracts and other key nutrients that assist the liver in various phases of the liver's detoxification processes. These include, among others, l-methionine, Altilix artichoke extract, Schisandra chinensis and turmeric extract. The liver is involved in hundreds of different functions in the body, all equally important for the rest of the body to function optimally.

L-choline bitartrate, L-methionine, pregelatinized starch from maize, beta-cyclodextrin from cassava, artichoke extract (Cynara Cardunculus), Schisandra extract (Schisandra chinensis), curcumin extract (Curucuma longa), lubricant (stearic acid), vitamin C (ascorbic acid), filler (siliconized microcrystalline cellulose), selenium methionine, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), chili extract (Capsicum anuum), black pepper extract (Piper nigrum), coating (hypromellose, glycerine), vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin).

Active content // per tablet // % of reference value

L-methionine 200 mg
Artichoke leaf extract (Altilix®) 150 mg
Schisandra extract 100 mg
Curcumin extract 100 mg
Choline 82.3 mg
Chilli extract 1.5 mg
Black pepper extract 1.5 mg
Vitamin C 48 mg // 60
Vitamin B6 3.8 mg // 271% Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 2.4 μg // 96
Selenium 60 μg // 109


Recommended daily dosage: 1 tablet

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Did you know that

  • The liver can regenerate itself. This means that if 70% of the liver is removed, the remaining liver tissue can regenerate and restore liver function.
  • The liver is responsible for metabolizing drugs and converting them into less dangerous substances that can be excreted from the body.
  • Curcumin, which is added to Liver Health, can support and contribute to normal liver functions and normal bile functions.
  • The liver can produce heat through a process called thermogenesis. This process helps to maintain body temperature and is particularly important in newborns and infants.

Liver cleansing is divided into two different phases, called phase 1 and phase 2. In phase 1, the toxins we ingest from food, medication and other substances are broken down so that they can bind with molecules that inhibit activity levels. Phase 2 then binds the toxins with molecules and makes them water-soluble so that they can leave the body via urine or bile. Artichoke (the raw material Altilix) increases/stimulates phase 1, protects the liver and is also liver regenerating. In addition, artichoke is diuretic and helps to burn fat. Shisandra berry extract increases/stimulates phase 1, is liver detoxifying and liver protective. Shisandra is also blood sugar regulating. Turmeric extract reduces phase 1 and increases phase 2, is liver detoxifying and increases metabolism. Chilli extract reduces phase 1, is liver detoxifying, strengthens the adrenal glands and speeds up digestion. L-methionine is detoxifying and stimulates the kidneys and liver. Vitamin C increases liver glutathione levels, which is important for phase 2 detoxification. Choline helps to maintain normal liver function and normal fat metabolism. Vitamin B6 balances l-methionine intake. Selenium is good for detoxification processes and has a regenerative effect on the liver.

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