About SHIFT™

The story of SHIFT

Over 12 years ago, Vitalkost saw a need in the market for a premium range of supplements based on effective natural ingredients. With industry experience dating back to the 70s, we took action and developed SHIFT - High End Supplements.

Our goal was to create a unique and broad range of supplements with well-documented and effective ingredients. Today, the range consists of 25 innovative supplements with the bestseller SHIFT Magnesium at the forefront. We are proud that SHIFT is produced in Norway and that we have full control over the entire value chain, from the selection of raw materials to the box on your kitchen counter. That way, you can feel confident that we have selected the best supplements for you.

Raw materials from nature

The main ingredients in SHIFT are natural botanical extracts and organic minerals. The supplements contain pure and safe raw materials from nature, and enough active ingredients to have an effect when taken daily. All raw materials are documented, certified and patented. This means that there are studies and documentation behind every single SHIFT product.

We will constantly stay ahead of the curve and find new and effective raw materials that help develop SHIFT series further. Before long, you will once again find a new and exciting product from SHIFT on store shelves.


We all have a responsibility to solve the climate crisis. By offering food supplements with clean and safe raw materials from nature, we can contribute to good health (UN Sustainable Development Goal 3. Good health). By following the value chain and setting strict requirements for our raw material producers, we can contribute to responsible consumption and production of SHIFT range (UN Sustainable Development Goal 12. Responsible consumption and production).

We always want to get even better at making greener choices. That's why we have now installed 1000 square meters of solar panels on our warehouse. Through various certifications such as BRC, we also contribute to quality assurance and food safety in the industry.

Why choose SHIFT™?

Effective daily dose

Synergy and innovation

Raw materials from nature

Bioavailability in focus

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Calcium Extra
Liquid Force
Liver Health
Magnesium drops
Magnesium oil
Magnesium powder
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Sleep Spray
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