Magnesium Oil

SHIFT Magnesium Oil is a liquid and concentrated magnesium product to be applied to the skin, for efficient absorption of magnesium into the cells.

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Concentrated seawater rich in magnesium chloride (31% MgCl2 and 69% water).
200 ml. 1 ml of product corresponds to about 100 mg of pure magnesium chloride. 1 ml = about 5 sprays.

SHIFT™ Magnesium Oil is liquid, concentrated magnesium to be applied to the skin, and hence classified as cosmetics. 

The magnesium raw material in SHIFT™ Magnesium Oil is extracted from a unique seawater, preserved deep in the earth for 250 million years, in a prehistoric sea area called Zechstein Seabed. This area was millions of years ago an ocean around the Netherlands and Germany. 

Today, the area is about 1600 meters below the earth’s surface, well preserved from various influences from the modern world. The magnesium-rich water is extracted from Zechstein Seabed and used in SHIFT™ Magnesiumolje. The raw material is natural, pure and rich in magnesium chloride. The product should be applied to the skin, where it has been shown to have an effective uptake of magnesium chloride into the cells. 

Spray on the skin and massage in 

SHIFT™ Magnesium Oil is sprayed directly on the skin, on the desired area and then you massage it lightly into the skin. Magnesium chloride is easily absorbed through the skin and its pores, and hence may be utilized locally by the body. The product has an oil-like consistency, of which the name Magnesium oil, but contains only the concentrated seawater rich in magnesium chloride. 

SHIFT™ Magnesium Oil has been shown to be effective for muscle pains, cramps and spasms. 

Approved by the Vegan Society

The product is approved by Vegan Society and can be safely used by vegans. 

Product information and use: 

Recommended daily use: 1 ml SHIFT™ Magnesium Oil corresponds to about 100 mg of pure magnesium chloride.  

5 sprays equals 1 ml. Apply 5 to 10 sprays directly on clean skin and massage in. When used for the first time, you may experience an itchy feeling in the skin, which after continuous use will disappear. The product can optionally be diluted 1: 1 with clean water. 

Ingredients: Concentrated seawater rich in magnesium chloride (31% MgCl2 and 69% water).

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SHIFT™ High End Supplements er en serie kosttilskudd som ble lansert på det norske markedet i 2010. Tilskuddene er kjent som en high end serie, med sitt nøye utvalgte innhold av naturlige og potente kvalitetsråvarer.