Shift SuperZym™

A good gastrointestinal function that is free from problems depends on a good digestion. All foods contain proteins, carbohydrates and fat. In order for these substances to break down and digest into smaller particles that can pass through the intestinal tract, it is required that proper enzymes are present at the right time. Enzymes are as small super efficient aids that nature has created to help the body digest food.


SuperZym™ Broadspectrum is a broad-spectrum enzyme supplement that aids in the digestion of the 3 main groups of nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and fats.


SuperZym Milk & Gluten is a tailored enzyme supplement that ensures optimal digestion of milk products and gluten-containing cereal products.

SuperZym™ Broadspectrum and SuperZym™ milk & Gluten increases nutrient absorption and gives you more energy because the food is digested more effectively using less energy.


Effective against constipation and loose stool because SuperZym helps you digest the proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the food you eat.

Counteracts the feeling of being bloated because SuperZym helps you digest food properly and reduces gas build-up in the digestive system.

Counteracts hyperacidity and normalizes acidity in the stomach because SuperZym increases the amount of active enzymes in the digestive system, which balances the acid levels in the stomach.

Beneficial for the gut flora because SuperZym keeps gut flora levels stable by removing damaged bacteria from the intestines.


The most effective method of utilising enzyme supplements for digestion is taking a supplement that contains a balanced composition of all enzyme groups.SuperZym is composed of a large number of different plantbased enzymes that complement one another and make it easier to digest food. Plant-enzymes are active, survive in many pH environments and are active throughout the whole digestive process. Animal-enzymes however are deactivated by the acidic pH environment in the stomach.