Shift SuperSleep™

Sleep is absolutely vital for good health, for the brain and not least the immune system. Sleep is also essential for concentration and maintaining mental balance. Many of us, however, cannot rely on a good night’s sleep or struggle to fall asleep, wake in the middle of the night or before you are fully rested in the morning.


During the development process of SuperSleep, we aimed to create a product that both helps you fall asleep and provides deeper, longer and calmer sleep. We have combined three potent, biological plant materials: the mushroom reishi and the herbs saffron and lemon balm. Individually, they are known to alleviate insomnia with varying effect. Together, their effect is much stronger. All the extracts used are standardized so that SuperSleep will provide the same positive benefits time after time.


The saffron we use is Saffr’Activ®, saffron extract (Crocus Sativus red stigmas). This is a highly concentrated extract that is standardized and based on the two active substances, crocin and safranal. A double, blind clinical study has been carried out involving this ingredient, and an application for a patent has been submitted in the EU. The participants in the clinical study who received the active preparation, i.e. the same dose as in SuperSleep, reported a significant improvement in the quality of sleep, falling asleep more quickly and a feeling of being fully rested when they woke up the next morning. A total 86% of those who received the active preparation would recommend it to others.


Red Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is known as the queen of medicinal mushrooms in China and Japan, and is one of the most popular mushrooms within folk medicine in this part of the world. For more than 4,000 years, emperors and prominent Taoists have used reishi as a curative elixir. Historically, this mushroom has been exclusively reserved for the higher classes of society. Reishi is an adaptogen mushroom that restores the body’s different functions when these have become imbalanced. It can revitalize and sooth, depending on what the body needs. Reishi is particularly effective in combating stress, insomnia and hormonal changes. In scientific literature, Reishi is described as an effective aid against insomnia.


Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is an old, medicinal plant that was cultivated by nuns and monks in ancient times in both Norway and Central Europe. This plant has always been treasured for its curative properties.

Lemon balm was traditionally used in folk medicine as a calming agent, and for different types of digestive complaints. Nowadays, lemon balm is mostly known as a relaxant and as a boost to help counteract anxiety, mild depression, restlessness, irritability and insomnia. A number of studies have been conducted on lemon balm and sleep, primarily together with other herbs.

The hypothesis is that lemon balm affects sleep as it has a calming effect, and that the effect is heightened when in combination with other herbs.