Shift SuperZym-5

SuperZym 5-Heartburn and acid reflux


Broad spectrum enzyme complex with calcium carbonate to neutralize excess stomach acid and aid in the digestion of nutrients. SuperZym-5 contains enzymes that aid against heartburn and acid reflux. As it contains broad spectrum enzymes in the form of a chewing tablet it is also an excellent alternative for those who cannot swallow regular enzyme capsules.
SuperZym-5 can also be used by those who wish to reduce the use
of antacid medicine.
SuperZym-5 has a desired effect on the following problems:

  • Digestive disorders
  • Heartburn and acid reflux
  • Dyspepsia Irritable bowels
SuperZym-5, similar to the other SuperZym supplements, contains enzymes from vegetable raw materials. These are detectably stable at a high pH range. This causes the enzymes to survive the passage through the oxygen bath in the stomach and still work well in the duodenum.

1 capsule of SuperZym-5 contains the following:

Kalsium karbonat – 844,4 mg
Protease – 15000 HUT 
Amylase –  2500 DU
Glucoamylase – 0,75 AGU
Protease – 40 SAPU
Invertase – 250 SU
Lipase – 100 FIP
Diastase – 3000 DPo
Protease- 2600 PC