Shift SuperZinc


Strengthen your immune system

Zinc is important for the growth and maintenance of healthy and healthy skin. The body needs zinc in ordeer to maintain the taste and smell, as well as to transport vitamin A.

Zinc is a trace element that is very important for several processes in the body. Zinc deficiency can be due to poor absorption or zinc-low diet.

The zinc compound in SuperSink is called Chelazome, and is manufactured by the American company Albion Laboratories Inc. following a patented process.

Chelazom zinc is characterized by high bioavailability. This causes the body to absorb and exploit the sync in the best possible way.

Minerals are usually difficult to absorb for the body, and minerals react to other minerals in such a way that you get a poorer absorption.

SuperSink has the zinc molecule bound to two amino acids. A compound of minerals with amino acids will cause the mineral to “smuggle” through the intestinal tract and into the organism via the special and active transport system for amino acids. In order for this to function properly, it is crucial that the compound is properly stabilized so that the zinc molecule is released after it has passed through the intestinal tract, and then accessible to the body.

Advantages of SuperSink:

High bioavailability
Strengthens the immune system
Unique composition
Easy Uptake
Patented zinc connection
Contributes to a healthy and healthy skin

Recommended daily dose: 1 tablet.

Lack of zinc

Zinc deficiency can be due to poor absorption capacity. It may also occur with zinc-low diet.

This applies especially to low meat intake. Vegetable cheese, which excludes milk, meat, fish and eggs, can also lead to zinc deficiency.

Multiple conditions can cause increased loss of sleep, such as diabetes, intestinal fistulae, prolonged diarrhea and burns. People with chronic leg ulcers may also benefit from sinus delivery.


SuperSink contains Chelazome Zinc Glycinate. This is a connection where you have bound two amino acids to one zinc atom in such a way that the body actively and quickly absorbs the intestine and makes it readily available in the bloodstream. When you take SuperSink, your body will recognize the connection and actively soak it up through the intestinal tract, and the sink will be included as “free passage.” Inside the bowel wall, the zinc atom is released as it is ready for use. In this way, you get a much better recording – up to 4 times better than traditional sinks.

Content per. tablet
Zinc – 25 mg