Shift SuperSleep


Sleep is absolutely vital for good health‭, ‬for the brain and not least the immune system‭. ‬Sleep is also essential for concentration and maintaining mental balance‭. ‬Many of us however cannot rely on a good night’s sleep‭. ‬Many struggle to fall asleep‭, ‬wake in the middle of the night or before you are fully rested in the morning‭. ‬We have therefore developed SuperSleep‭.‬



During development of SuperSleep‭, ‬we aimed to create a product that both helps you fall asleep and provides deeper‭, ‬longer and calmer sleep‭. ‬We have combined three potent‭, ‬biological plant materials‭: ‬the mushroom reishi and the herbs saffron and balm‭. ‬Individually‭, ‬they are known to alleviate insomnia with varying effect‭. ‬Together‭, ‬their effect is much stronger‭. ‬All the extracts used are standardized so that SuperSleep will provide the same positive benefits time after time‭.‬

Below is a description of the active ingredients in SuperSleep‭, ‬followed by information on how to use the product‭. ‬We will also‭ ‬provide information on practical methods to help you fall asleep quickly and comfortably‭.‬


SuperSleep should be taken some time before you go to bed‭. ‬This will vary from person to person‭, ‬but we recommend taking one tablet around 30‭ ‬minutes to one hour before going to bed‭. ‬We recommend taking the tablet together with some solid food‭, ‬perhaps some crispbread‭, ‬fruit or some other light food‭. ‬The active agents are more easily absorbed if taken together with food‭. ‬You can increase the dose to two tablets‭, ‬but try one tablet first as this will normally have an optimal effect‭. ‬You can also combine SuperSleep with one SuperReishi tablet or a cup of reishi tea from Four Sigmatic‭. ‬This will provide a strong supplementary effect‭. ‬We can also recommend SuperMagnesium in combination with SuperSleep as this dietary supplement relaxes the muscles and counteracts cramps‭.‬


The saffron we use is Saffr’Activ®‭, ‬saffron extract‭ (‬Crocus Sativus red stigmas‭). ‬This is a highly concentrated extract that is standardized and based on the two‭ ‬active substances‭, ‬crocin and safranal‭. ‬A double‭, ‬blind clinical study has been carried out involving this ingredient‭, ‬and an application for a patent has been submitted in the EU‭. ‬The participants in the clinical study who received the active preparation‭,‬‭ ‬i.e‭. ‬the same dose as in SuperSleep‭, ‬reported a significant improvement in the quality of sleep‭, ‬falling asleep more quickly and a feeling of being fully rested when they woke up the next morning‭. ‬A total 86%‭ ‬of those who received the active preparation would recommend it to others‭.‬


Red Reishi‭ (‬Ganoderma lucidum‭) ‬is known as the queen of medicinal mushrooms in China and Japan‭, ‬and is one of the most popular mushrooms within folk medicine in this part of the world‭. ‬For more than 4,000‭ ‬years‭, ‬Emperors and prominent Taoists have used reishi as a curative elixir‭. ‬Historically‭, ‬this mushroom has been exclusively reserved for the higher classes of society‭. ‬Reishi is‭ ‬an adaptogen mushroom that restores the body’s different functions when these have become imbalanced‭. ‬It can revitalize and sooth‭, ‬depending on what the body needs‭. ‬Reishi is particularly effective in combating stress‭, ‬insomnia and hormonal changes‭. ‬In scientific literature‭, ‬Reishi is described as an effective aid against insomnia‭.‬


Lemon balm‭ (‬Melissa officinalis‭) ‬is an old‭, ‬medicinal plant that was cultivated by nuns and monks in ancient times in both Norway and Central Europe‭. ‬This plant has always been treasured for its curative properties‭.‬

Lemon balm was traditionally used in folk medicine as a calming agent‭, ‬and for different types of digestive complaints‭. ‬It was also believed that regular use of lemon balm would promote a long life‭. ‬Nowadays‭, ‬lemon balm is mostly known as a relaxant and as‭ ‬a boost to help counteract anxiety‭, ‬mild depression‭, ‬restlessness‭, ‬irritability and insomnia‭. ‬A number of studies have been conducted on lemon balm and sleep‭, ‬primarily together with other herbs‭.‬

The hypothesis is that balm affects sleep as it has a calming effect‭, ‬and that the effect is heightened when in combination with‭ ‬other herbs‭. ‬The German Commission E Monographs and Herbal Drugs and Phytopharmaceuticals‭, ‬and other scientific‭, ‬pharmaceutical‭ ‬literature‭, ‬mention balm in relation to its calming properties and beneficial properties for sleep‭.‬

With SuperSleep‭, ‬we make use of a standardized extract of lemon balm in order to achieve an optimal and predictable effect‭.‬