Shift SuperMagnesium

Organic bound magnesium for better and faster effect. Natural content of beneficial trace minerals and vitamin B6 for increased effect.



Shift SuperMagnesium –
for a better and quicker effect

SuperMagnesium is a new generation magnesium supplements, which differs from traditional magnesium supplements in that the body absorbs it easier and quicker, providing a better effect at a lower dose. It has higher bioavailability, as it also includes trace elements, and is fortified with vitamin B6, which helps it achieve a better absorption in the body’s cells.

Magnesium – The mineral of life

Magnesium is involved in more than 300 important biological and physiological reactions in our body. This important mineral contributes to a normal muscle function, metabolism, nerve function and heart rate. In addition, it strengthens the immune system and bone structure, and is crucial for the cells’ energy production. Magnesium is also very important for a healthy cholesterol and blood sugar balance. Magnesium is found primarily in the bones, muscles and soft tissue. Only one percent is found in the blood. The body has rigorous regulatory mechanisms which, via the kidneys, maintain a constant blood concentration of magnesium.

In order for the body to have a maximal absorption of magnesium, SuperMagnesium contains three different compounds in which together ensure maximum and quick absorption in the body.

Are we getting enough magnesium?

Many researchers today believe that we are getting too little magnesium through our diets to satisfy the optimal requirement.  International studies show that about 80 percent of the world’s population does not take up enough magnesium through their diet!  However, the challenge is that there is no good way of measuring whether you are getting enough magnesium.  A blood test showing a magnesium deficiency will most likely be correct, but a blood test showing that you are getting enough may not necessarily be correct, since magnesium is mainly found in the body’s cells.  It is assumed that when magnesium deficiency can be established through a blood test, the deficiency is considerable.

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency

The deficiency symptoms are many and some are quite common for several substances: Weakness of the muscles, trembling, tension and cramps, especially in hands and feet (Restless Legs Syndrome), and irregular heart rate.  With a milder deficiency you may not see any symptoms at all, but you can experience conditions in which might be thought of as “normal.”  Examples of this can be tiredness and irritability and slightly elevated cholesterol values, blood pressure and blood sugar.

This is how magnesium works

Magnesium has a relaxing effect on all muscle types (such as the heart, blood vessels, uterus, bronchi, amongst others), and is involved in the formation of several types of enzymes and proteins.  Magnesium also affects the heart rate, is mildly sedative, as well as being crucial for the production of energy in the cells.

Magnesium is also important for the conversion of omega-3 and omega-6, the so-called prostaglandin synthesis.  About 65 percent of the magnesium in our bodies can be found in our bones and teeth.  As for calcium, the bones are a reserve where the body can retrieve magnesium when needed.  The remaining part of the magnesium is found in the blood, bodily fluids, cells and tissue.  Actually, the brain has a higher concentration of magnesium than that found in the blood.  Magnesium is also present in high concentrations in the heart – most of it inside the cells.  Magnesium is also an important factor in keeping the heart musculature working properly, and helps the heart to “relax” between heartbeats.


In order for the body to have a maximal absorption of magnesium, SuperMagnesium contains three different compounds in which together ensure maximum and quick absorption in the body.  The company Mineral Resources International harvest natural minerals from Great Salt Lake in the United States through a unique process where water is sundried in big pools, at the same time as unwanted sodium is removed.  This is a completely natural process that takes place in the course of about two

years.  The end product is a highly concentrated, mineral-rich fluid which contains large amounts of magnesium, as well as 70 important trace minerals that our body needs.  This form of magnesium is easily absorbed and tolerated and has high bio-availability.  It cannot be manufactured in a laboratory, but is 100 percent natural, just as nature has made it since the beginning of time.

DiMagnesium Malate is a patented and documented magnesium compound developed by the world’s leading manufacturer of efficiently absorbable minerals, Albion Laboratories Inc.  DiMagnesium Malate is a very exciting magnesium compound where the magnesium atom is attached to malic acid, which helps increase energy production in the cells.  DiMagnesium Malate is also absorbed much more efficiently than traditional magnesium compounds.  At the same time, it causes minimal side effects in the form of flatulence and/or stomach upsets, which can be a problem with other magnesium compounds.

In order to achieve maximum absorption of magnesium, the natural magnesium compound from Great Salt Lake and DiMagnesium Melate are combined with magnesium gluconate, which is absorbed through an active absorption system for dipeptides.  Magnesium gluconate is a chelate where two amino acids are attached to a magnesium atom in such a way that the body absorbs it as a dipeptide.  A dipeptide is a split protein that is absorbed quickly and actively in the intestine. It is also quickly available in the bloodstream.  When taking SuperMagnesium, the body will recognize the dipeptide, which is absorbed through the intestine wall, and the magnesium gets a free ride.  On the inside of the intestine wall the magnesium atom is

released and ready for use.  This way, the magnesium is utilized more efficiently, you get an optimal absorption and stomach problems are avoided.

In addition to this, vitamin B6 is added to ensure that the magnesium is maximally bio-available to the cells in the body.  Vitamin B6 works as an important co-factor so that the organism can utilize the magnesium.  The two patented compounds – DiMagnesium Malate and magnesium gluconate – are absorbed and utilized 2-5 times more efficiently than traditional magnesium compounds.  Albion Laboratories is the only manufacturer in the world that has scientific documentation showing that their chelates actually work in the abovementioned way.